Columbus Platform Tennis League Information

The league is now starting its ninth year. Two new teams are being welcomed into the league. Brookside has a 3.5 men's team, and New Albany created an additional 3.5 team. The emphasis again this year is to have no court defaults. Read on for additional league and rule changes.

While COVID-19 is still a threat, everyone needs to sign an Assumption of Risk waiver prior to getting on the court.   The captains are to obtain the signatures for each team. Other changes are that there will be no snacks or beer, and players need to depart after playing.  Servers who wish to touch only their own ball may purchase an additional ball from the captain to use for serving. There was also no Kick-off Party this year.

The playoff that was initiated last year between the top two teams in each league was a success. The two teams in the 4.0 League with the highest Match Winning % will face off. In the 3.5 League, the teams with the highest Court Winning % will meet in the playoffs. The playoff will take place at the End-of-Season Party on March 7. Players must compete three times in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs. This was reduced from five times last year. (Defaulted matches do not count toward this total.)

COPTA 4.0 League Results for 2020-21
Matches Won / Lost
Match Winning %
Worthington Hills Men 4.0
7 / 4
Lakes Men 4.0
7 / 5
Scioto Men 4.0
5 / 4
Swim & Racquet Men 4.0
5 / 5
New Albany Men 4.0
2 / 8

While these are 4.0 and 3.5 Men's Leagues, the push is to not have *any* court defaults and to have competitive matches. If a deviation is necessary in order to fill a court. A 3.5 player can always "play up" in a Men's 4.0 match. 4.5+ players typically have their own opportunities to play but if a 4.5+ player is not getting adequate play and/or if a 4.5 player is necessary to fill a line-up, then he can play. In fact, up to two 4.5 players can play, but 4.5 players must be on Court 1. While these are Men's Leagues, women can also compete when necessary to fill a line-up. The key to this is good communication with the opposing captain so that he knows what you have in mind. At some point, it may be worthwhile to add a 4.5 League or a Women's League. Again, the emphasis is to not have *any* court defaults.

COPTA 3.5 League Results for 2020-21
Courts Won
Courts Lost
Courts Winning %
New Albany-SL Men 3.5
Lakes Men 3.5
Brookside Men 3.5
New Albany-RP Men 3.5
Scioto Men 3.5
Swim & Racquet Men 3.5

The 4.0 captains are: Mike Lindell (Lakes), Sean Byrne (New Albany), Bill Cseplo (Scioto Country Club), Rob Martin (Swim & Racquet), and John Lindaman (Worthington Hills). Click on the links to see the results for each team.

The 3.5 captains are: Rob Postma (Brookside), Steve Wylie (Lakes), Shaun LaJeunesse (New Albany-SL), Ron Petroff (New Albany-RP), Blake Estes (Scioto Country Club), and John Blue (Swim & Racquet).

Click to obtain the contact information for the League Captains.

Click to view the 2020-2021 schedule for all teams.

New Albany-SL
New Albany-SL: 3.5 Champs - Click to enlarge

The teams that won their respective leagues last year were Lakes in 4.0 and New Albany-SL in 3.5 League.

The cost to participate this year is $150 for each 4.0 team and $100 for each 3.5 team. Please get these checks to Rob Martin. Each club will pay the same fixed amount, but captains will determine the amount for each team. The cost will be dependent on roster size, club fees, balls, food, etc.

Tournaments in 2021 Season

Some of the major tournaments scheduled for this season include: Midwestern's (Cincinnati) - January 16-17; Columbus Open - January 22-23; and Peachtree Open (Atlanta) - Feb 20-21; and The APTA Nationals - March 11-14. It will be interesting to see if COVID-19 affects the tournament schedules.

More pictures will be added as the season progresses. Please note that the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them. Names are included to promote the camaraderie of platform tennis. If you would prefer that your name not be listed, just let Scott Gerber know.